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Monday, 14 October 2013

The human body

How does the processing of sugar in the human body with Customized fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon The desire to eat sweet often does not have time, but there are general preferences, such as after lunch or mid-afternoon.

The Welfare did a poll here on our website and 43% of people said they feel more desire after meals. Another 31% voted they like best afternoon snack on (see the full results at bottom of page .)

 But it is not just sweet, that food that tastes like sugar, responsible for increasing rates of glucose in the blood - the called glycolic index, which should be taken into account as well before and after exercise. Carrot, cracked water and salt and raisins at first harmless, are able to raise the level of sugar in the bloodstream Already foods like yogurt, cereal and pear have the power otherwise.

In the middle, are rice, beans, orange juice and chocolate, among others? To explain how the processing of sugar in the human body and why it is important to watch what you eat - not to have a crisis of hypoglycemia or diabetes - the Welfare of Wednesday (14) with the presence of Alfredo Helper endocrinologist and nutritionist Monica Beirut. According to nutritionists, the best time to eat a sweet after a meal is full and varied.

 Thus, the sugar is absorbed more slowly, because the fibers of the other food. Moreover, as the sweet usually more caloric, when the person is satisfied with the first meal feel more satisfied and tends to eat less sweet with Customized fat loss product by Kyle Leon

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