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Saturday, 24 May 2014

1. Health from personal experience

I recommend from personal experience, "healthy", participating in sports, reinforcing the people of our courses trainers I can say that for the vast majority of trainees encounter such a situation feet that would be for him ashamed or flat stone.

More and more group when analyzes exceedingly wonder what they have for all sorts of ailments and how they have flat feet.
Up until then they start to do something, and be interested in it.
In the second follow-up work, look forward to talking about failures on the instep and about its influence.

While you're with us in three volumes have already met with one of the options stenos motor, I hope that these articles will enrich you again for another diverse knowledge.

Are also advised to read the articles from the category Anatomy, if you are interested in a given issue
Now you have to let cleans up the text of an important organ of our body, speech will be on foot.
For faster and easier orientation and explanation of some obscure words offer a glossary of terms that will be used in articles. We hope that you will benefit.

Glossary of terms used Abduction     move to the side, from the axis of the body (stretched out
Movement toward the body, the body axis (pulled inward,) dorsal flexion (doors flexion) movement of the foot toward the front of the lower leg