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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Make your own body

Slow metabolism is often blamed for excessive weight. The good news is we do not have to be the victim of slow metabolism. we truly become the creator of our bodies. Knowing how your body works and using that knowledge to achieve your health and fitness goals, you will get results sooner with less frustration and aggravation. My goal is to help you get the most from your efforts and see the results. know how your metabolism works.

Metabolism is the speed at which your body burns through food. As you get older, your body decreases and do not require the same number of calories as when you were younger. The rate of metabolism decreases as we age is determined by the amount of muscle mass that we have in our bodies. greater muscle means higher metabolism. If you are over 40, you probably are not as active as you used to. you are not playing sports or chasing kids around the house. If you do not use your muscles, you lose it. digestion process burns calories.

 I teach my clients to eat 3 meals throughout the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and then an additional 2 to 3 healthy snacks between meals. Many of us have been conditioned to think that if we eat less, we'll weigh less. The opposite is true but we must be careful to eat quality instead of quantity.

There is the thermic amount of nutrients? The actual calorie burning properties of nutrient digestion. This means that healthy, offering a balanced diet metabolic advantage. thermic food or produces heat. Since a calorie is a measure of heat, balanced diet equals more calories expended. maintain moderate aerobic exercise. believing that aerobic exercise is the secret to burning fat is only half-right.

Too much aerobics subject us to a persistent catabolic state where it literally eats up muscle tissue. You can burn fat any time you are in an "aerobic state." If you are sitting and reading this article, you are in an aerobic state. you are in an aerobic state anytime you are meeting demands for oxygen. This is why proper nutrition and weight training is critical to maintain and build muscle. You can burn fat while you sleep in lean muscle mass. I use aerobic exercise to keep my heart, lungs and circulatory system and use the healthy weight training to burn calories and keep my metabolism healthy. muscle metabolism.

 As we age, we begin to lose muscle. This is called muscle atrophy. The key is to preserve muscle to fight fat and keep your metabolism healthy. muscle you have on your body is in direct correlation to the number of calories you burn at any given moment. Muscle does not know age.

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