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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to lose weight without hurting yourself

Does panting on the treadmill give you nightmares? For many, the prospect of losing weight can be a scary thing. However, it is important to first understand that there are many ways to lose weight, without having to exhaust yourself completely. myths of weight loss: There are some popular misconceptions associated with weight loss. Before you actually start an exercise regimen, it is important to remove all pre-conceived notions.

We have listed some of the most popular are:

Myth 1: ab exercises flatten the stomach. fact: ab exercises just tone and firm the lower layers of abdominal muscles. If you happen to have layers of fat on top, it does not make any difference. So do aerobic exercises to shed fat.

Myth 2: Drinking water before exercise is harmful. facts: water is essential to replenish fluids lost during strenuous exercise. Therefore, drink water in equal amounts.

Myth 3: eliminating fats help shed weight faster. truth fats in small amounts can help you feel fuller during the day. This avoids binging.

Myth 4: high protein, low carb diets burn fat faster. fact: ingesting too much protein can result in high levels of fat and cholesterol in the body. too many carbohydrates in the diet can result in the formation of ketones which leads to kidney stones. The trick lies in a balanced diet.

Myth 5: one can lose weight no matter what one eats. fact: not watching what the stomach can lead to alarming weight increases

Myth 6 : Skipping meals burns fat fast. truth: When you skip meals, your body goes into a conservation mode which starts dipping his metabolic rate, resulting in gains weight.

Myth 7: Weight training will not lose weight. truth: weight training can actually be a great way to lose weight in a short time span.

Myth 8: Consuming nuts and dairy products can be fattening. reality : if taken in small doses, nuts can actually be good for health.

Myth 9: Counting calories is not really necessary. truth: it is absolutely necessary to keep track of everything you eat "" from itself to sugar in tea or even snacks.

Myth 10: Salads are a great health snack. truth: Yes salads are great but not with fatty dressing. cardio to help shed fat has been clinically proven that cardio exercise is your one and only ticket to the efficient and rapid fat loss. cardio exercises involve any type of exercise that raises the heart rate to higher levels. especially when it comes to fat loss goals, the higher the intensity, the greater the chance that your slimming down faster! high intensity cardio why are so many great reasons why cardio helps lose weight fast : - High intensity cardio quickly raises your metabolic rate - this increased metabolic rate remains at the same rate even after exercise - increases lean muscle mass contributes to increased resting metabolic levels other benefits include: - Larger lung strength - Strengthens your heart - improves blood circulation. timing and its effect on the best time of day for any cardio exercise is early in the morning, before you had any breakfast. This is because in the morning hours, muscle and liver glycogen levels are really low.

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