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Saturday, 24 May 2014

1. Health from personal experience

I recommend from personal experience, "healthy", participating in sports, reinforcing the people of our courses trainers I can say that for the vast majority of trainees encounter such a situation feet that would be for him ashamed or flat stone.

More and more group when analyzes exceedingly wonder what they have for all sorts of ailments and how they have flat feet.
Up until then they start to do something, and be interested in it.
In the second follow-up work, look forward to talking about failures on the instep and about its influence.

While you're with us in three volumes have already met with one of the options stenos motor, I hope that these articles will enrich you again for another diverse knowledge.

Are also advised to read the articles from the category Anatomy, if you are interested in a given issue
Now you have to let cleans up the text of an important organ of our body, speech will be on foot.
For faster and easier orientation and explanation of some obscure words offer a glossary of terms that will be used in articles. We hope that you will benefit.

Glossary of terms used Abduction     move to the side, from the axis of the body (stretched out
Movement toward the body, the body axis (pulled inward,) dorsal flexion (doors flexion) movement of the foot toward the front of the lower leg

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dieting by blood type

A word of caution when determining whether diet pills are for you, diet pills are not the final answer to your weight loss worries. No diet pill allows you to eat what you want, not exercise and still lose weight. many see results short term but the challenge is keeping it off. you must ensure that your use of diet pills is in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime. there is medical evidence that diet pills do work to aid in weight loss, but not as a miracle cure.

Researchers stress the use of diet pills along with diet and exercise. weight loss program: a low fat diet low fat weight loss program recommends a low fat or no fat foods when shopping for a weight loss program ask for details about what foods and how many calories you eat each day and the program includes regular physical activity. The authors conclude that cholesterol lowering diets alone, whether for choosing foods with cholesterol lowering properties, can lower cholesterol as well as statins.

The Atkins diet is a weight loss diet based on the principle that the body burns both carbohydrates and fat for calories. Thus, according to the Atkins diet, reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, you will burn more fat and you are more experienced weight loss. According to the Atkins diet, calories are not the main focus.

The key to losing weight on the Atkins diet is lowering your carbohydrate intake. By restricting your intake of carbohydrates you will encourage your body to turn to fat for energy and so your body is burning fat instead of carbohydrates. safest diet so far is for Kimkins diet recipe if you're like most people I know, have you tried one diet after another. They decide one day that they were going on a diet and why they suddenly dieting. Many times when people do this they just stop eating, or eat very little.

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How to lose weight without hurting yourself

Does panting on the treadmill give you nightmares? For many, the prospect of losing weight can be a scary thing. However, it is important to first understand that there are many ways to lose weight, without having to exhaust yourself completely. myths of weight loss: There are some popular misconceptions associated with weight loss. Before you actually start an exercise regimen, it is important to remove all pre-conceived notions.

We have listed some of the most popular are:

Myth 1: ab exercises flatten the stomach. fact: ab exercises just tone and firm the lower layers of abdominal muscles. If you happen to have layers of fat on top, it does not make any difference. So do aerobic exercises to shed fat.

Myth 2: Drinking water before exercise is harmful. facts: water is essential to replenish fluids lost during strenuous exercise. Therefore, drink water in equal amounts.

Myth 3: eliminating fats help shed weight faster. truth fats in small amounts can help you feel fuller during the day. This avoids binging.

Myth 4: high protein, low carb diets burn fat faster. fact: ingesting too much protein can result in high levels of fat and cholesterol in the body. too many carbohydrates in the diet can result in the formation of ketones which leads to kidney stones. The trick lies in a balanced diet.

Myth 5: one can lose weight no matter what one eats. fact: not watching what the stomach can lead to alarming weight increases

Myth 6 : Skipping meals burns fat fast. truth: When you skip meals, your body goes into a conservation mode which starts dipping his metabolic rate, resulting in gains weight.

Myth 7: Weight training will not lose weight. truth: weight training can actually be a great way to lose weight in a short time span.

Myth 8: Consuming nuts and dairy products can be fattening. reality : if taken in small doses, nuts can actually be good for health.

Myth 9: Counting calories is not really necessary. truth: it is absolutely necessary to keep track of everything you eat "" from itself to sugar in tea or even snacks.

Myth 10: Salads are a great health snack. truth: Yes salads are great but not with fatty dressing. cardio to help shed fat has been clinically proven that cardio exercise is your one and only ticket to the efficient and rapid fat loss. cardio exercises involve any type of exercise that raises the heart rate to higher levels. especially when it comes to fat loss goals, the higher the intensity, the greater the chance that your slimming down faster! high intensity cardio why are so many great reasons why cardio helps lose weight fast : - High intensity cardio quickly raises your metabolic rate - this increased metabolic rate remains at the same rate even after exercise - increases lean muscle mass contributes to increased resting metabolic levels other benefits include: - Larger lung strength - Strengthens your heart - improves blood circulation. timing and its effect on the best time of day for any cardio exercise is early in the morning, before you had any breakfast. This is because in the morning hours, muscle and liver glycogen levels are really low.

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How your body uses energy supplies

The first fuel tank of energy for your body is your blood sugar. It is a combination of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fats (not body fat) put the blood shortly after eating, with the digestion process. When food is digested the energy stored in food is converted into sugars that are distributed into the blood stream, the muscles and the liver, and sometimes the storage depots are replenished, the fat cells. sometimes first fuel source is used up and then uses the energy in muscle tissue that is not used.

Now why would the body cannibalize its own muscle tissue? remember that the body only concern is survival. Muscle tissue uses more energy just to be there. So if you have muscle tissue without using body considers unnecessary and would like to get rid of it. lazy muscles are free-loading the rest of the body. (It's like leaving the lights in the room of your house when you are not using the room ... a waste of energy.) so unused muscle tissue is broken down and used as fuel. This is why people lose lean muscle tissue when they go on starvation diets.

You also see it in atrophy (withering away) of muscles which are not used as when a limb is immobilized. less muscle means less energy is used by the body overall. (I guess the lesson here is: use it or lose it. never let any muscles just lie around. moving your body in all ranges of movement as much as possible.) sometimes to excess muscle tissue is eaten up by the body and then uses muscle glycogen energy actually stored in the muscles.

Muscle glycogen only used up before the actual muscle tissue when sudden intense stress is loaded with muscle. has energy (glycogen) is used for primary sudden intense workload placed on the muscle. It is the fuel for hard physical work, intense bursts aerobic or heavy weight training. remember that it is not called for light to moderate activity. So once your blood sugar is used up, light to moderate activity break down unused muscle tissue than using the glycogen stored in the muscles.

This is why it is important to engage in short burst intense aerobic activity such intervals or circuits or use weight bearing exercise. did not think that just doing long walks (moderate activity) will burn all your fat. well, not weight bearing exercise will always use your muscle glycogen stores. If the weight is too light and you are just "going through the motions' the load imposed on the muscle may not be sufficient to activate the glycogen burning process. whether the body is used as fuel in all energy sources : or blood sugar or muscle tissue or muscle glycogen and then it will battle its fat stores as energy and begin to consume body fat. but it is a big ask because by this time you have probably stomach again and replenished your blood sugar supplies.

This means the fat stores are often barely touched. If you have not eaten and your body needs fuel for his activities at the current level then it will consume the fat in the body's energy. has a good reason for making your exercise after getting up in the morning . As long as you are doing the right intensity of exercise your blood sugar and muscle glycogen is consumed quickly and you can get your body fat to keep you going. But this does not mean that you should be hungry to make your body consume its fat reserves.

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Exercise the right to boost your energy

There are two main types of exercise. anaeobic and aerobic exercise. Let's start with the first one. Aerobic literally means with oxygen. Aerobic exercise is an important difference: it burns fat as its primary fuel. Anyone can find a use for it? Anaerobic means without oxygen. Anaerobic burns sugar as its main fuel.

Despite popular myth, exercise does not have to be drastic to provide massive physiological benefits. Even light exercise will burn fat. lightweight exercise clears out lactic acid (a waste product in the body) and stimulates cells to regenerate. To ensure that you are exercising aerobically (burning fat) rather than exercising anaerobically, it is important to make sure you do some things you exercise. 's most important is to breathe deeply as you exercise. Breathe deeply into your stomach through your nose, hold it and then exhale hard through your mouth.

Secondly, be sure to exercise at a level that is comfortable. exercise at a level of 7/10. You should still be able to carry on a conversation while you exercise. Do this for at least 45 minutes a day and notice your energy explode. do you think you have no time to do it? There is always time. Use the time you spent sleeping again in your body. I guarantee that you need less sleep. use the time on your lunch break to exercise.

The increase in productivity will have you more on the ball, and save you time by dramatic increases in productivity. see, that the increased oxygen from aerobic exercise your brain speed and reliability increases. Ride a bike, walk, swim or sport. rebounding (or cellularise it is now known) is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise around. If you have access to a rebounder, use it. use any breaks while you are working to engage in some form of movement and deep breathing. Exercise also strongly benefits the heart. It literally is a bigger and stronger organ.

Deep breathing makes the lungs stronger and larger. research linking exercise to helping benefit and prevent almost every type of disease or ailment. movement of any joints promotes blood flow and creates energy. Sitting down all day actually robs the body of energy.

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Weight loss diet plan: the importance of blood sugar stability

One of the more important concepts in the development of any weight loss diet plan is stable blood sugar. What does a stable blood sugar level means and how it is vital to a healthy weight loss program? when you consume carbohydrates, your body experiences a spike in sugar in the blood due to a rise in glucose in your blood. in response to increased glucose levels, the pancreas releases the hormone, insulin. Insulin is a hormone that's absolutely essential for getting amino acids into muscles for growth and carbohydrates to the muscles where they're needed for energy. however, when there's a large sugar blood spike, your body tends to ¡° ¡± overreact and produce too much insulin.

The insulin quickly clears the glucose from the blood, leading to a sharp drop in blood sugar known as hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar is accompanied by cravings, hunger, weakness, mood swings and decreased energy. hunger and cravings often caused by sugar consumption to perpetuate itself, resulting in a vicious cycle of ups and downs in energy throughout the day. when excessive amounts of carbohydrates are ingested, especially high glycemic (sugar content) simple carbohydrates , Insulin converts the excess glucose in the blood triglycerides (fats in the blood) was then stored in fat cells. and, worse still, is the release of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is really dangerous kills brain cells, increases fat storage, and break down lean muscle mass. So, how do you develop a weight loss diet plan to control your blood sugar levels and helps you in burning fat? The answer is found in two easy steps:

1. Choose a low to moderate glycemic index carbohydrates. The natural simple carbohydrates are "healthy," but all simple carbohydrates should be used during moderate fat reduction programs. When we talk about simple carbohydrates, we're often referring to refined sugar and white flour products ¨ C ¡° This is the bad carbohydrates. ¡± but not all simple carbohydrates are bad. Some simple carbohydrates occur in nature. ¡° natural ¡± sugars include fructose (found in fruit) and lactose (found in dairy products). Natural sugars are fine when eaten in moderation.

2. They combine carbohydrates with a protein or essential oil / fat. You can manage your blood sugar and insulin levels by choosing fewer simple carbohydrates, more complex carbohydrates, eating fiber and having your carbohydrates with lean proteins approximately every three hours. lean protein and essential fats slows the release of gulucose the blood stream thereby reducing the release of large amounts of insulin. combination and a balance of protein and carbohydrates trigger the release of other potent hormone, glucagon. glucagon, like insulin, maintains a healthy blood sugar balance.

However, unlike insulin, glucagon promotes fat burning and mobilization of fat molecules. advantages in maintaining a stable blood sugar level:

 1. promotes fat loss

 2. same energy level

 3. control hunger cravings

 4. reduces the risk for diabetes excessive sugar and insulin can directly affect the strength of your immune and cardiovascular systems. for healthy weight loss and to maintain and increase your biological age, it is important to maintain the stability of your blood sugar levels.

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Make your own body

Slow metabolism is often blamed for excessive weight. The good news is we do not have to be the victim of slow metabolism. we truly become the creator of our bodies. Knowing how your body works and using that knowledge to achieve your health and fitness goals, you will get results sooner with less frustration and aggravation. My goal is to help you get the most from your efforts and see the results. know how your metabolism works.

Metabolism is the speed at which your body burns through food. As you get older, your body decreases and do not require the same number of calories as when you were younger. The rate of metabolism decreases as we age is determined by the amount of muscle mass that we have in our bodies. greater muscle means higher metabolism. If you are over 40, you probably are not as active as you used to. you are not playing sports or chasing kids around the house. If you do not use your muscles, you lose it. digestion process burns calories.

 I teach my clients to eat 3 meals throughout the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and then an additional 2 to 3 healthy snacks between meals. Many of us have been conditioned to think that if we eat less, we'll weigh less. The opposite is true but we must be careful to eat quality instead of quantity.

There is the thermic amount of nutrients? The actual calorie burning properties of nutrient digestion. This means that healthy, offering a balanced diet metabolic advantage. thermic food or produces heat. Since a calorie is a measure of heat, balanced diet equals more calories expended. maintain moderate aerobic exercise. believing that aerobic exercise is the secret to burning fat is only half-right.

Too much aerobics subject us to a persistent catabolic state where it literally eats up muscle tissue. You can burn fat any time you are in an "aerobic state." If you are sitting and reading this article, you are in an aerobic state. you are in an aerobic state anytime you are meeting demands for oxygen. This is why proper nutrition and weight training is critical to maintain and build muscle. You can burn fat while you sleep in lean muscle mass. I use aerobic exercise to keep my heart, lungs and circulatory system and use the healthy weight training to burn calories and keep my metabolism healthy. muscle metabolism.

 As we age, we begin to lose muscle. This is called muscle atrophy. The key is to preserve muscle to fight fat and keep your metabolism healthy. muscle you have on your body is in direct correlation to the number of calories you burn at any given moment. Muscle does not know age.

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